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Everyone please help Aliza Zara :D and reblog this post to everyone on tumblr. Hopefully we can all help her. I’ve pasted the link below where you can donate money. Even a little will be worth a lot so pass this around. 


Anonymous:What is the difference between mehndi and sangeet? I just watched one the muslim wedding you posted and they had both, so I was wondering the difference.

Sangeet is usually dancing and singing along for Pakistani weddings it’s like a dholki where all the ladies gather and sing along to folk music or songs. But for Indians it’s sangeet. The sangeet happens before the mehendi ceremony.


The Mehendi is simple the mehendi ceremony which happens usually two days before the wedding. Some people combine the sangeet and mehendi and have one event. Some people have a separate event for each ceremony.

Anonymous:haha aw i love your bollywood gif responses, they're so funny :) may Allah keep you blessed and give you a long and happy marriage <3 x

Aww thank you so much ,Ameen <3 


Hindu Guyanese Wedding:Manisha&Raish

Aww they seem quite young it’s so cute, the bride is so beautiful :o aww gosh the smile on his face when he sees her walking in as she’s holding the veil over her head. Bless they’re both so cute this was such an adorable wedding. Maybe it’s because they seem so young and in love it’s refreshing. 

Video by:I Am Yours Now

Sikh Wedding:Bindu&Sat

Lovely wedding I love love the use of colour and contrast in this wedding. The light colours look so nice and they both have complementing outfits. I think her bouquet is gorgeous the whole look for the wedding ceremony is so perfect. I like how she’s kept it traditional but it’s got that very elegant feel to it. This was filmed beautifully.

Video by:Brellow Productions

Muslim Wedding:Adil&Maria

Aww it was the sweetest Nikaah ceremony they both got married at home. I really liked that it was really special and intimate and simple. I like the Beyonce soundtrack they used in the beginning. The decor for the walima was gorgeous it was really elegant and classy. Such a beautiful wedding I like how the entire wedding simple. 

Video by:Darkroom Doctors

Photos by:Mark Kim


"The Big Fat Punjabi Wedding Reception"

Anonymous:How many days are there on a desi wedding...I kno 3 main ones... mehndi, actual day of wedding and walima...r there anymore?

Depends on each family it could vary from 1-5 days. A walima is only part of a Muslim wedding and that too optional. 

Anonymous:Hi! I love your blog :) for prom I wanted a cute hairstyle but my hair just touches my shoulders (it's really short) and it's annoyingly straight but I want to have it half up so it doesn't bother me. Any ideas? Thanks! <3

Hello :)

Get some extensions and then opt for your updo :)

Photos by:Mark Kim


"The Glamorous Traditional Sikh Wedding"

Anonymous:Hi Do u think it matters what kind of flowers as a bride I hold when I walk down the aisle or whatever? Im asian btw and the weddings a traditional indian one Thx xxxxxx


Yes of course the bouquet matters a lot it should go with your makeup, your dress, the theme of your wedding. If it doesn’t match it won’t suit the theme and it won’t look nice against your dress. Most brides carry the traditional red roses if they’re wearing a red dress but of course there are so many options. Feel free to ask your florist :)