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Hi , I'm Indian ,was born and raised in Canada, I made this blog because I love my indian culture. Plan Weddings Nationwide.
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Anonymous:What websites do you suggest for bridal jewelry?

Better to buy it at a store you’re paying a lot of money and I don’t think there are any trusted sites to buy bridal jewellery. I’m sure you can find one in your local area :)

Anonymous:Why are people so surprised when they see South Asians have different coloured eyes lol, it's completely possible and you don't have to be mixed to have them. :) It's the beauty of genetics my friends.

I don’t know I guess because it’s not so common but I have seen South Asians with naturally coloured  eyes. It’s all genetics you’re right :)

Anonymous:Hey Afsana, big fan of your blog :) I dont really have a question but just wanted to say that you deal with haters really well! People tend to be quite rude and I think your responses are great! I`m only 16 but thanks to your blog, i already have a pretty good idea of what my wedding will look like. Youre doing such a great job, keep it up :)

Aww thank you so much :))


Anonymous:Two questions: How old are you? Since you have green eyes, are they natural if so, are you 100% Indian or half? If you are fully indian then how do you have green eyes? Just wondering btw! :)

Two questions ok , they’re naturally green yes and I’m 100% Indian. I got them from my grandparents. 

Anonymous:do you have any pictures of yourself on here?


Muslim Wedding:Sasha&Fahad

Wow what a lovely looking couple and this was such a nice big lavish wedding. I adore the gold shimmery lehenga she wore it’s so beautiful. Everything from the mehendi to the walima and wedding was just amazing. I loved it;so fancy :D

Video by:Stavro Video Productions

Hindu Wedding:Shrutee&Bhavesh

Lovely wedding I adore the venue I had posted pictures of their wedding this morning. Simple because I love outdoor weddings. I love her trumpet contrast trumpet style lehenga. It was a simply stunning wedding.

Video by:nstpictures

Sikh Wedding:Hardeep (DJ H)&Monica

Very happy to be sharing this exclusive video of DJ H and his bride Monica which was shared today by Film AM Weddings. This was such a glamorous and lavish wedding wow the venue is extremely beautiful. Dazzling with all kinds of amazing centerpieces and decor. This is most definetly one of the biggest Sikh weddings of the year it’s very much worth watching and getting all kinds of decor inspiration. Beautifully shot as well.

Video by:Film AM Weddings


Photo by:Imagique

Photo by:Imagique

Photo by:Imagique

Photo by:Imagique

Photo by:Imagique

Photo by:Imagique

Photo by:Imagique

Photo by:Imagique